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9-Misc: Biotechnology Outreach Society of Zambia launched topromote GMOs

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TITLE:  Body to Popularise GMO Launched
SOURCE: The Times of Zambia
DATE:   Jul 4, 2003

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Body to Popularise GMO Launched

BIOTECHNOLOGY has made a lot of significant contributions to the growth
of the Zambian economy, a University of Zambia (Unza) dean has observed.

Unza School of Veterinary Medicine dean Enala Mwase said at the launch of
the Biotechnology Outreach Society of Zambia (BOSZ) in Lusaka that
biotechnology was the key tool for improved productive and economic
growth. Leon H. Sullivan Summit

Dr Mwase said the technology was beneficial to Zambia and other sub-
Saharan African countries where food production had stagnated in the face
of sky-rocketing socio-economic problems such as hunger.

"As scientists, we are determined to exploring technological
opportunities and adaptations aimed at improving the socio-economic
status of our people," she said.

She said the launch of the society marked a landmark development in the
promotion of biotechnology in the community that was ignorant of the
benefits and risks of the technology.

The dean said the BOSZ would create interest and awareness, promote
training and research and facilitate the development of infrastructure to
advance biotechnology.

And BOSZ chairman Luke Mumba said biotechnology had been misunderstood
for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Zambia.

Dr Mumba noted that GMOs was just one aspect of biotechnology, which had
many applications in medicines and other technologies.

He said the BOSZ would take the technology close to the common man in
Zambia to explain all aspects of biotechnology and biosafety to help
fight poverty, hunger, malnutrition and disease.

He said there was need to address the issue of ownership of
biotechnological products in line with the National Biotechnology and
Biosafety Strategic Plan (NBBSP).

Dr Mumba said that commitment to sustainable development should be based
on the use of both old and new environment-friendly technologies.


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