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3-Food: GM contamination found in New Zealand corn

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TITLE:  GM Contamination Found In NZ Corn
SOURCE: IRN Bulletin,,3882-2497768,00.html
DATE:   Jul 4, 2003

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GM Contamination Found In NZ Corn

Genetically modified contamination has been found in sweet corn harvested
in New Zealand. The Food Safety Authority is now trying to determine
whether the contaminated corn is fit for human consumption. The
sweetcorn, harvested in New Zealand has tested positive for genetically
modified ingredients after being checked in a Melbourne lab. But the
crop's seeds were sourced from US company Syngenta. The Ministry of
Agriculture and Forestry is investigating the incident after being
alerted by the kiwi company exporting the corn. Food Safety Authority
dairy and plant products director Tim Knox says the major concern is
whether it is a GM substance approved for human consumption. He hopes to
get results over the weekend. MAF says so far, only harvested corn has
tested positive, not the original seeds.

Audio and Video
GM contamination found in sweetcorn - 04/07/2003 06:52 PM - Food Safety
Authority dairy and plant products director Tim Knox talks to Newstalk
ZB's Katie Duncan about the discovery of GM contamination in NZ-grown
sweetcorn. Play Requirements The alarm was raised when a Japanese company
carried out a routine test on pizza topping mix that contained the kiwi
corn. (Play)


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