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2-Plants: New biotech lab opened in Uganda

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TITLE:  Agriculture Sets Up Bio-Technology Lab At Kawanda
SOURCE: New Vision, Uganda, by Anne Mugisa and Stuart Price
DATE:   Jul 2, 2003

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Agriculture Sets Up Bio-Technology Lab At Kawanda

The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries is
constructing a Bio-Technology Institute at Kawanda Research Station to
promote productivity in the agriculture sector and boost economic development.

The lab, expected to cost over US$1m, will be commissioned at the end of
August. It will include the purchase of equipment and the training of
staff in scientific and biotechnological areas, agriculture minister Dr.
Kisamba Mugerwa said yesterday. Leon H. Sullivan Summit

He denied the presence of terminator seeds in Uganda which have caused
protests among farmers.

The farmers are fighting against imported genetically modified seeds,
fearing that they will be forced to keep buying seeds instead of
reserving some from their harvest for the next planting season.

Kisamba Mugerwa said Uganda currently has some locally improved hybrid of
crops which include maize and beans.

He said the opening of the lab would help promote agriculture
biotechnology in the country, clean up crops and produce fast growing

"In the rural areas, it is no longer possible to keep opening up acreage
for shifting cultivation. We need to adopt intensive farming methods," he


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