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6-Regulation: Bega Shire (Australia) moves to ban GM crops

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TITLE:  Bega Shire moves to ban GM crops
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   Jan 22, 2003

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Bega Shire moves to ban GM crops

Bega Valley Shire Council has taken the first step towards making its
area a genetically modified (GM) free zone. Council last night accepted a
motion that it should ban the growing of GM crops in the shire. The move
is driven by the Sapphire Coast Producers Association, which has argued
the introduction of the crops to the area could undermine the value of
local agriculture. Mayor David Hede says councillors agreed last night,
but still have to investigate how far they can go in trying to declare
the shire GM-free.

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TITLE:  Bega Shire moves to ban GM crops
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   Jan 22, 2003

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Council Meeting
21 January - Standing Committee Meeting followed by an Meeting
Agenda - Standing Committee


Meeting Notice and Agenda For Standing Committees

To all Councillors

Meetings of Standing Committees will be held in the Committee Room,
Council Chambers, Bega on Tuesday, 21 January 2003 commencing at 6:00pm
to consider and resolve on the matters set out in the attached Agendas.



A. That Council supports a ban on genetically modified organisms in the
Shire until their introduction is shown scientifically to be safe;

B. To promote and safeguard the reputation, profitability and economic
viability of clean green food producers in the Shire, Council takes such
steps as are necessary to amend the Local Environment Plan to prohibit,
by way of its consent authority, the cultivating and/or manufacture of
genetically modified foods or crops within the Shire until such time as
these technologies are proved to be safe;

C. That in line with the letter from the New Horizons Project, Council
writes to neighbouring Councils informing them of BVSC's policy decision
and inviting them to participate in a wider bioregional precautionary
approach to the introduction of genetically modified organisms;

D. That Council purchasing policy specifies that all suppliers be
requested to provide assurances that no products using genetically
engineered crops are sold to Council and that Council advise child care
centres and any other Council facility under its control against the use
of foodstuffs for which the manufacturers are unable or unwilling to give
the necessary assurances;

E. That Council writes to the Federal Government requesting that
processed foods containing genetically modified products or fresh foods
from genetically engineered seedstocks or animals be clearly marked on
all labelling in order to allow consumers to make an informed choice
prior to purchase.