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9-Misc: Danish NGO statement on GMOs

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TITLE:  Common Danish GMO statement
SOURCE: Danish NGO Coalition
DATE:   Jan 9, 2003

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Common Danish GMO statement

The undersigned organisations are concerned about the increasing extent of 
problems, which seem to go with the use of GMOs (genetically modified 
organisms) in agriculture.

Growing GM plants in Denmark will not present any perceptible advantages to 
agriculture, consumers or society today. An assessment of the crops, which 
are liable to obtain EU approval in the years to come will not change this 

Agriculture was promised wonders by the advocates of genetic engineering, 
but instead experience has shown that the promised yield increase and 
reduction of the crop spray consumption have not been attained. At the same 
time growing with GMO has caused economic and legal problems to many 

The potential development of that part of agriculture which wants to stay 
free from GMO, including the organic farmers, is hampered by expenses for 
control measures, adventitous contamination of raw materials and seeds with 
GMO, and the difficulty of redistributing?/renewing? areas which are 
planted with GM crops.

The undersigned organisations have therefore agreed upon these common 

- a Danish GMO moratorium
There must be no growing or deliberate release of GMOs in Denmark until 
national initiatives, which allow the existence and further development of 
GMO-free agriculture in Denmark, have been carried into effect. Parallel 
with this Denmark must uphold its support for the EU GMO moratorium (the 
pause for thought).

- GMO-free seeds
Ordinary plant seeds and seed grains must be kept absolutely GMO-free and 
may not, as now proposed in the EU, be contaminated with GMO in quantities 
of 0,3-0,7%.

- liability for damages
A mandatory public liability insurance for growing and production with GMO 
must be introduced. Any economic, health or environmental costs which GMO 
may inflict on others must, according to the polluter pays principle, be 
paid by the one who causes the damage.

- labelling
All goods produced by means of GMO must be labelled with a clear, 
recognisable label. Also egg, meat and milk products from farm animals 
which have been fed with GM feed must be labelled. If the possibly adopted 
EU labelling requirements for GM food do not reach this objective, the 
organisations urge the conclusion of national agreements which guarantee 
labelling of all food produced by means of GMO.

We urge the population, organisations, politicians and companies to support 
these objectives and help safeguarding the conditions of a GMO-free choice 
for both farmers and consumers in Denmark and the EU.

Signed by:

Okologisk Landsforening
Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature
Active Consumers - Denmark
Green Families
Greenpeace Nordic
the Danish Consumer Council
NOAH-Friends of the Earth Denmark
the Danish Society of Practical Ecology
Biodynamic Association
the Danish Beekeepers' Association,
Euro-toques Denmark (European community of cooks)


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