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6-Regulation: Western Australia assesses GM-free zoning

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TITLE:  WA assesses GM-free zoning
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   Feb 26, 2003

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WA assesses GM-free zoning

Western Australia may soon be zoning areas as free of genetically
modified crops, under draft legislation announced by the state government
yesterday. The legislation comes in response to an application from
Monsanto and Bayer Aventis to grow commercial GM crops in Australia.
Those applications are currently being assessed by the Office of the Gene
Technology Regulator. WA Agriculture Minister Kim Chance says he's
confident the companies don't want to grow GM crops in his state, but he
wants a back-up plan, just in case. "The undertaking I have from Monsanto
at this case is - assuming their application currently before the Gene
Technology Regulator is approved and assuming it is approved for Western
Australia as well as New South Wales and Victoria - that they would not
proceed to plant commercial scale trials in WA even though legally they
probably could, unless the state objected."

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TITLE:  New GMO legislation for Western Australia
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, by Belinda Varischetti
DATE:   Feb 26, 2003

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New GMO legislation for Western Australia

The Agriculture Minister Kim Chance has announced new legislation that
will allow for GM free areas in WA. Mr Chance made the announcement at
todays GMO forum. Mr Chance said the new legislation would ensure the
curent moratorium position was protected while State Parliament
considered the full Western Australian Gene technology Bill 2001 and the
Gene Technology Amendment Bill. Under the GM zones legislation, the
Agriculture Minister will be able to designate specific areas or the
whole state as an area or areas where geneticaly modified crops may not
be cultivated. Mr Chance said this would likely be done for the entire
agricultural region. The legislation will continue to allow GM crop
trials but, where an area is designated GM free for a specified crop, GM
crops will not be cultivated commercially.