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3-Food: Degussa obtains non-GMO certification in the U.S.

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TITLE:  Degussa obtains non-GMO certification
SOURCE: Food Production Daily, USA
DATE:   Feb 14, 2003

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Degussa obtains non-GMO certification

14/02/03 - Degussa Texturant Systems, a unit of German speciality
chemicals company Degussa, announced this week that its plant in Decatur,
USA has been awarded Cert-ID non-GMO system certification for its
lecithin production system. The company already holds Cert-ID System
certification for its lecithin plants in Zaandam, Netherlands, and
Hamburg, Germany and with this recent additional certification, Degussa
Texturant Systems can now meet exactly the same non-GMO product quality
standards at all three of its production sites. The Cert-ID non-GMO
system certification for Degussa Texturant Systems covers fluid, de-oiled
and fractionated lecithins. Cert-ID is a global company that provides
third-party non-GMO certification programmes to food ingredient
producers, food manufacturers and food retailers. The company offers
traceability solutions that aim to deliver clarity and security 'from
farm to fork.' The certification serves as a means to promote an
increased sense of confidence among suppliers and customers along the
food supply chain. Degussa stressed that it can now provide US food
producers with lecithin that will be in full compliance with the upcoming
EU regulations concerning imports of consumer products containing lecithin.