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2-Plants: Canada to accept Hawai'i's GE papaya

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TITLE:  Canada to accept Hawai'i's genetically modified papaya
SOURCE: The Honolulu Advertiser, USA, by Kevin Dayton
DATE:   Jan 28, 2003

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Canada to accept Hawai'i's genetically modified papaya

HILO, Hawai'i - As expected, the Canadian government has announced it
will accept genetically modified papaya exported from Hawai'i, a step
that may provide a boost for Big Island farmers. About 75 percent of the
papaya grown on the Big Island is a genetically engineered strain
designed to resist the ringspot virus, a plant pest that ruined crops in
the early 1990s. The Hawai'i Papaya Industry Association announced
yesterday that Karen Dodds, director general of the food directorate of
Health Canada, notified the association that the Rainbow and Sunup
varieties are acceptable for human consumption in Canada. The genetically
engineered papaya have been shipped to the U.S. Mainland for sale since
1998. Papaya growers are hoping for similar approvals from the Japanese