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6-Regulation: New procedure for GM-crop experimentation in France

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TITLE:  New procedure for GM-crop experimentation in France
SOURCE: Europe Environment, posted by checkbiotech/Syngenta
DATE:   Apr 17, 2003

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New procedure for GM-crop experimentation in France 

The French Ministry of Agriculture has introduced a new procedure for trials 
involving genetically-modified (GM) plants notably including prior surveys and 
specific notification of the Mayors of the municipalities concerned. Seven 
multi-annual trials of GM plants (maize and tobacco) are currently continuing in 
France. For 2003, sixteen new research programmes (private and public) 
concerning GM maize, fescue grass, tobacco and beetroot have been authorised by 
the biomolecular engineering committee, following an assessment of the health 
and environmental risks of such trials. The final decision on whether or not to 
authorise these new programmes rests with the public authorities. In preparing 
this decision, the Ministries of Agriculture, the Environment and Research 
called on regional plant protection services to provide a list of sites for 
future trials in order to check conditions. These services should also 
specifically inform the town halls of the municipalities where programmes are 
conducted. Finally, the three Ministries propose that the public should be able 
to comment on projects at the following email address for a period of fifteen 
days: Following this period, Agriculture 
Minister Herv C Gaymard will post his decision on the Ministry's Internet site.