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  • 3-Food: US offers Zambia assistance to assess GE food safety, hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: Why Africa SHOULD reject GE contaminated food aid, hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: "Now is not the time to inflame the debate about biotechnology", hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: Monsanto receives approval for Australian GE canola trials, hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: Don't pressure hungry peoples to accept GM food aid, hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: Forced GE food aid is a 'massive human experiment', hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: Africa Faith & Justice Network denounces GM food aid on Africa, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: African farmer resistance to GE crops, hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: Milling a temporary solution to Africa GM debate, hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: Only Colin Powell spoke in favor of GE food aid at WSSD, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: Bt cotton fails in Maharashtra (India), hartmut_meyer
  • 8-Humans: 'Forget the Genome,' Sydney Brenner warned, hartmut_meyer
  • 9-Misc: Canadian Federal Court of Appeal ruled against Schmeiser, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: GM crops: FAO's tool for survival, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: Loblolly pine open for genetic engineering, research shows, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: Brazil to publish rules for GM test crops in September, hartmut_meyer
  • 9-Misc: Nigeria invests in biotechnology, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: Victoria (Australia) farmers call for GE crop moratorium, hartmut_meyer
  • 8-Humans: Cloning ban passes through Australian House of Representatives, hartmut_meyer
  • 3-Food: China slows soymeal exports on GMO worries, hartmut_meyer
  • 6-Regulation: India ratifies biosafety protocol, hartmut_meyer
  • 9-Misc: Two reports on GE and IPR in Africa from GRAIN, hartmut_meyer
  • GENET GE free Newsletter 02/07, hartmut_meyer
  • 8-Humans: Australian stem cell scientist proponent misled Parliament, hartmut_meyer
  • 9-Misc: UK funds pounds 13.4m GE programme in Third World, hartmut_meyer
  • 4-Patents: Schmeiser prepared to take case to Supreme Court, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: PhilRice expects first GE rice to be on market until 2005, hartmut_meyer
  • 2-Plants: Seeds of doubt: experiences of North American farmers of GE crops, hartmut_meyer
  • GENET takes a break, hartmut_meyer

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