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6-Regulation: EU Ministers of Agriculture agree on new GE food and feed proposal

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TITLE:  GMO food and feed: agreement on new rules for labelling and
SOURCE: European Presidency, Denmark, Press Release
DATE:   Nov 28, 2002

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GMO food and feed: agreement on new rules for labelling and authorisation

After long and difficult negotiations EUs food- and agriculture ministers 
have reached a political agreement on the proposal for a regulation on GMO 
food and feed.

President of the Council, Danish minister for Food, Agriculture and 
Fisheries Mrs. Mariann Fischer Boel states: "With the political agreement 
on the proposal we have taken an important step towards offering consumers 
a real choice when it comes to GMOs. This is an important victory for the 
European consumers."

The proposal on which the Council has reached a political agreement will 

- For the first time, rules are introduced for the use and labelling of GMO-
based feed. These rules will correspond to those that apply to GM food. 
This means marketing of GM feed will be subject to prior approval and that 
GMO-feed must be labelled

- Labelling will be required for food and feed produced on the basis of GMO 
material, even if GMOs cannot be identified in the final product, for 
example in Soya bean oil. The labelling requirement will not apply for 
adventitious presence of GMOs below a 0,9 % threshold

- In a transitory period a common threshold of 0,5 % will be set for the 
adventitious presence of non-authorised GMOs that have a positive 
scientific approval

- A decentralised authorisation procedure is introduced for new GMOs which 
offers consumers the same guarantees that the centralised procedure 
proposed by the Commission.

A final adoption of the GMO proposals requires a co-decision between the 
Council and the European Parliament. Therefore, the Council will now send 
its Common Position for new consideration by the European Parliament.

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