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2-Plants: Australian Democrats demand full analysis of GM canola

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TITLE:  Fed - Democrats demand full analysis of GM canola
SOURCE: Australian Associated Press General News
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DATE:   Nov 22, 2002

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Fed - Democrats demand full analysis of GM canola

CANBERRA, Nov 21, AAP - The Australian Democrats today demanded the federal 
government conduct a full economic analysis of the likely impact of 
genetically-modified (GM) canola before approving the crop's release.

Democrats agriculture spokesman John Cherry said a recent decision by the 
gene technology regulator to freeze applications by GM crop giants Monsanto 
and Aventis for the release of the canola opened a window of opportunity.

 "The governments of Western Australia and South Australia have both called 
for all economic and environmental aspects of genetically-modified crops to 
be considered before their approval," Senator Cherry said.

"It is time for a full, detailed economic analysis to be done."

Monsanto argues GM canola will produce higher yields and huge benefits for 

The company says the product leads to better weed control, lower costs for 
farmers and better use of the environment.

Monsanto has spent more than five years trialling GM canola in secret plots 
across Australia and wants to go into full commercial production.

The company says Australia is still on track to produce its first 
commercial crop next year despite the freeze on its application.

But Senator Cherry said recent studies by the agricultural forecaster ABARE 
and the Productivity Commission had raised more questions about GM canola 
than they answered.


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