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9-Misc: Finland launches progamme on societal and health effects of GMOs

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TITLE:  GMO focus for Finland
SOURCE: Food Navigator, France
DATE:   Nov 18, 2002

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GMO focus for Finland

18/11/02 - The Board of the Academy of Finland announced this week that it 
has taken the decision to launch seven new research programmes in 2003  
one of which will focus on the societal and health effects of genetically 
modified organisms.

A total of EUR 41.3 million has been earmarked for the research programmes 
but the total allocation will be confirmed when the state budget for 2003 
is approved at the end of this year.

As a clear indication of the increasing concerns linked to GMOs, the 
academy writes this week that the programme on the environmental, societal 
and health effects of GMOs is closely related to the ethical debate that 
has been waged on the safety of these new technologies.

The focus of the programme is on the environmental and health effects of 
GMOs, 'an area on which current understanding is still inadequate,' writes 
the academy this week. The project will have a strong multidisciplinary 
orientation so that not only the ecological and health effects of GMOs but 
also ethical and socio-economic considerations, as well as questions of 
risk assessment, will be covered.

Each year the Academy of Finland spends around one-fifth of its research 
appropriations to support multidisciplinary research programmes. Often 
jointly sponsored by Finnish and foreign-based research funding bodies, the 
programmes aim not only to generate new research results but also to 
promote networking among individual researchers and research teams and to 
support researcher training. Foreign researchers and research teams are 
also eligible to participate.


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