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9-Misc: GE-free marchers mass to retain moratorium in New Zealand

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TITLE:  GE-free marchers mass to retain moratorium
SOURCE: New Zeraland Herald
DATE:   Nov 18, 2002

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GE-free marchers mass to retain moratorium

Thousands of people carrying anti-genetic engineering banners and placards 
protested in central Auckland on Saturday. The GEtup, Stand up March, 
organised by GE-free groups, left Aotea Square at 12 noon. Watched by 
police, the protesters marched peacefully to a rally in Albert Park. The 
protest was aimed at mobilising public opposition to ending the moratorium 
on genetic engineering (GE) next October. The Government has indicated the 
moratorium will be lifted.

Organisers Greenpeace and Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (Madge) 
yesterday said about 10,000 people had marched. Police said the number was 
about 6000. Thanking the participants for their enthusiasm, Madge "head 
girl" Alannah Currie said the march was "a brilliant event".

"I am incredibly moved to see such a huge cross-section of fabulous New 
Zealanders turn up to make their voices heard and actively take part in 
this issue. It's time the Government listened to our message: Keep GE in 
the lab."

Meanwhile, animal rights protesters demonstrated outside the Sheraton 
Auckland yesterday afternoon as delegates arrived for the opening reception 
of the Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference. The three-day conference is 
the biggest international biotechnology event New Zealand has hosted. 
Security had been tightened in case there were protests against genetic 


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