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2-Plants: Australian farmers not ready for GM crops

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TITLE:  SA farmers not ready for GM crops - survey -
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   Oct 31, 2002

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SA farmers not ready for GM crops - survey -

South Australian farmers are not ready to embrace genetically-modified 
crops. That's the key message from a survey sent to four-thousand members 
of the South Australian Farmers Federation. Leigh Radford reports the 
survey results show overwhelming opposition to the release of GM crops in 
that state. "A statistically definitive sample of 25 per cent of surveyed 
farmers revealed that 70 per cent believe there is too little information 
on the subject." Of those surveyed, 66 per cent are concerned about the 
market implications of GMOs. "Most extraordinary of all, 80 per cent of 
South Australian Farmers support a moratorium on the release of any GM 
crops in that state." President John Lush says it's sent his federation a 
clear and unmistakable message. "They're saying obviously very clearly to 
us, that as a Farmers Federation that we're not ready to have GM crops yet. 
We just want to take a big deep breath and let some of this stuff sort 
itself out. We're just not going to have a bar of the release of GM crops 
at this stage."

This is a transcript from the ABC National Rural News that is broadcast 
daily to all states on ABC Regional Radio's Country Hour and in the city on 
ABC News Radio.

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TITLE:  Manjimup rejects GM canola application
SOURCE: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
DATE:   Oct 30, 2002

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Manjimup rejects GM canola application

The Shire of Manjimup, in south-western WA, has rejected an application to 
have genetically modified (GM) canola grown in the municipality. 
Multinational bio-technology company Monsanto approached the shire with the 
proposal, which was considered by the council last week. Shire chief 
executive Vern McKay says the council will now have to adopt a position on 
GM crops. However, he says in this case council rejected the proposal. "I'm 
not aware of any canola that's growing here at the moment, but council's 
view was that no, it would not support it on a vote of 10 to three, simply 
because there are too many unknowns about it at this stage," he said.


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