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9-Misc: GE activists storm stage at Bayer AG's share holder meeting

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TITLE:  Activists storm stage at Bayer AG's AGM to protest over the
        companies' GM crop interests
SOURCE: Coalition against BAYER-dangers Network, Germany
DATE:   April 30, 2002

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Activists storm stage at Bayer AGs AGM to protest over the companies' GM 
crop interests

Seven GM activists from the UK and Holland managed to sneak into Bayer AG's 
shareholder meeting in Cologne/Germany on April 26th. Their mission to let the 
directors, employees and shareholders of Bayer know that Bayer's new venture 
into GM crops will not go unopposed.

Wearing suits and using a wheel chair as a Trojan Horse the activists managed 
to evade heavy security (including x-ray machines and metal detectors) and 
enter the main meeting hall. D-locks and Hand-cuffs had to be abandoned in the 
foyer when it became obvious how tight security was. At 10:30 am after the 
introductory speeches, one person jumped on to the stage and began addressing 
the audience over the PA. Simultaneously 2 activists climbed the side of the 
stage, managing to reach a height of about 30 feet and staying aloft for 3-4 
minutes shouting anti-GM slogans before being removed by security. Other 
activists miraculously leapt out of a wheel chair and stormed the stage and 
attempted to hang a banner reading "Bayer raus aus dem Gen-tech Anbau" ("Bayer 
get out of GM crops") before being foiled by plain clothes security hidden in 
the audience. Other activists occupied the speaking podium grabbing the 
microphone and ranting at the board in German, blowing whistles and generally 
causing chaos.

All seven activists were eventually removed from the 3,000 capacity venue by 
heavy handed private security, sustaining cuts and bruises and were handed 
over to the police. They were arrested and held for an hour before being 
released without charge having been banned from the area of the conference 
centre. In a bizarre twist to the story, before being driven away by Police 
all the activists (as Bayer shareholders themselves for the day) were given 
the chance to vote on a number of share holder resolutions by Bayer 
representatives apparently anxious that they should not be denied their voting 

Bayer following their acquisition of Aventis CropScience which is due to be 
completed within the next week will own over 85% of the GM field trials in the 
UK and will be the company doing most to push for the commercial growing of GM 
crops in Europe.

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