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  • 8-Humans: Prenatal genetic screening for cystic fibrosis triggers abortions, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: US officials in China discuss soybean biotech rules, GENET
  • 9-Misc: U.S. exports misery to Africa with Farm Bill, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Green lobby forces Blair into rethink over GM, GENET
  • 2-Plants: GM potatoes deter one pest but attract another, GENET
  • 3-Food: "Green genetechnology is on the retreat" according to German food tests, GENET
  • 2-Plants: GMO brings hardship to South Sulawesi (Indonesia), farmers claim, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Kenian Minister of Agriculture cautions on GM technology, GENET
  • 3-Food: Activists from Nicaragua accuse WFP/USAID to distribute GE food aid, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Chinese research showed adverse impacts of Bt cotton, GENET
  • 7-Business: Liability and economics of transgenic crops, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Monsanto tries to introduce Bt-potatoes in Russia, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Government of Pakistan announces national biotech project, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: Philippine municipal council banned Monsanto's Bt corn trials, GENET
  • 3-Food: Africa becomes GE food dumping ground, GENET
  • 3-Food: UN slammed for distributing GM corn in Guatemala, GENET
  • 3-Food: A-maize-ing Chardon LL fiasco, GENET
  • 2-Plants: US study promises great benefits from not yet planted or developed GE crops, GENET
  • 7-Business: American Corn Growers Association sees difficulties for GE crop future, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: Western Australian government still undecided on declaring GE-free zones, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Biojustice conference marks surge in Canadian activism, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: China health ministry seeks opinions on GMO rules, GENET
  • 8-Humans: Leading U.S. Senate opponent of human cloning goes for moratorium, GENET
  • 4-Patents: Canadian GE advisers suggest seed saving rights, GENET
  • 9-Misc: GE-free news from Austria and Belgium, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Ecological risks of GMOs come in unexpected ways, model shows, GENET
  • 2-Plants: GE crops are not appropriate for Zambia, FAO official says, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Zimbabwe Farmers Union critical of GMOs, GENET
  • 2-Plants: NAFTA group to study transgenic corn in Mexico, GENET
  • 2-Plants: Monsanto applies to grow GM canola in Australia, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: GE-rules and GE-protests in South Korea, GENET
  • 9-Misc: UK government admits Pusztai was 'martyred', GENET
  • 2-Plants: News insights how to use Bt corn from the U.S., GENET
  • 6-Regulation: EU ratifies the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, GENET
  • 2-Plants: GM crop trials in UK undermined by US investigation, says FOE, GENET

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