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6-Regulation: Malaysia prepares GE food labelling bill

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TITLE:  Stringent checks on organisms in food soon
SOURCE: The Star, Malaysia,\2002\7\
DATE:   July 23, 2002

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Stringent checks on organisms in food soon

PETALING JAYA: The Science, Technology and Environment Ministry will 
propose Bills to monitor the use and import of Genetically Modified 
Organisms (GMOs) in food. Its minister Datuk Seri Law Hieng Ding said the 
Food Act and Regulations 1985 would also be amended to make it mandatory 
for manufacturers and distributors to display GMO food labels. He said 
aspects of safety on the use of GMOs had not been established along with 
the application of bio-technology to prolong freshness in food, thus 
improving taste and add to their value. He said with labelling, consumers 
would be given choices on whether to consume food with GMOs or just plain 
organic products.

He said the Bills on Bio-security Act and Food Act regulations were now in 
their infancy stage and more discussions would have to be conducted with 
other ministries, including the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, 
International Trade and Industry, Primary Industry, Agriculture and Health 
ministries. "The Bills are expected to be tabled in Parliament by year end 
after getting approval from the Cabinet," he told reporters at the 
Chemistry Department's excellence service award presentation and the 
launching of GMO analysis, Dioxin and Furan laboratories yesterday.

On the monitoring of dioxin and furan in environment and food, Law said it 
was vital to check on the presence of the substances because their side 
affects could result in deformed babies, weaker male sperm production and 
immunisation system. Earlier, Law presented awards to 29 personnel from the 
department for their excellent services.


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