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2-Plants: Monsanto bets on Bt cotton in Brazil

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TITLE:  Monsanto bets on transgenic cotton in Brazil
SOURCE: Gazeta Mercantil, Brazil, by Raquel Landim, translated by
        James Bruce, posted by Life Sciences Network, New Zealand
DATE:   July 8, 2002

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Monsanto bets on transgenic cotton in Brazil

SAO PAULO - American agrochemical giant Monsanto is, according to this 
story, investing R$1.5 million in research into BT transgenic cotton in 

The story says there are 30 projects examining the efficiency of the 
technology, the type of insects involved and the potential socio-economic 
impact of using the modified fiber. BT transgenic cotton carries the 
Bacillus thuringinesis gene, which has the effect of an insecticide.

Field research done by Monsanto and by the Instituto Agronomico do Parana 
(Iapar) agricultural institute was cited as showing that the transgenic 
cotton cuts production costs 25%. Monsanto Science Relations Director 
Silvia Yokoyama was quoted as saying, "This includes less use of 
insecticide, economies with labor and also the seed."

Five cotton crops were planted of one hectare each in different states for 
the 1999/00 crop. The researchers analyzed the effect on three different 
cotton pests, "apple lizard," "rose lizard" and "curuquere." According to 
researcher walter Jorge dos Santos, the transgenic cotton dispensed the use 
of insecticide, whereas traditional cotton requires three to five 
applictions. The research also identified no harm to the community of 
insects and spiders that feed off the larvae pests.


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