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2-Plants: Indian Bt cotton better than that of Monsanto

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TITLE:  Indian Bt cotton better than that of Monsanto
SOURCE: The Press Trust of India
DATE:   June 25, 2002

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Indian Bt cotton better than that of Monsanto

An Indian Bt cotton variety, which is expected to hit Indian markets in 
three to four years, would be superior to that developed by the US 
agribusiness giant Monsanto, Indian Council of Agricultural Research 
Director General Panjab Singh said here on Monday.

"The Indian Bt cotton being developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural 
Research's (ICAR) Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR), Nagpur, 
would be superior to the one developed by Monsanto," Singh said adding the 
variety would hit the markets in three to four years once all trials are 
completed. The biggest advantage of the Indian variety over the Monsanto 
one would be that farmers will not be required to buy new seeds every year 
but will be able to use the same seeds for three to four years 
continuously, he said.

"The Monsanto Bt cotton hybrid has the basic genes to protect the plant 
from bollworms, but we are planning to insert multiple pest resistant genes 
in our variety and this would make it even more superior to that of 
Monsanto," he said.

Commenting on a recent controversy over the Greenpeace report on the 
environment impact of transgenic Bt-cotton in China, he said, the Bt cotton 
has been designed to give protection to the plant from bollworm, was safe, 
eco-friendly and profitable for the farmer.


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