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  • 5-Animals: Scottish PPL Therapeutics created cloned pigs for xenotransplantation, GENET
  • 3-Food: Fight over GE free food labelling (1), GENET
  • 9-Misc: Activism on the farm, GENET
  • 2-Plants: South Africa starts growing GE white maize, GENET
  • 2-Plants: US study shows no benefits for farmers that adopt GE crops, GENET
  • 3-Food: GE will feed the world - with better cornflakes, GENET
  • 5-Animals: Cloned GE pigs may offer organ transplants, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Organic activists from Chile win GE crop "freedom of information" lawsuit, GENET
  • 6-Regulations: China announces details on GE crop import rules, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: U.S. Grains Council travels to Saudi Arabia to work against GE food labeling laws, GENET
  • 2-Plants: US bio-corn plantings to soar in 2002, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: US soybean group seeks clarity in China GMO rules, GENET
  • 2-Plants: More difficulties arise for Australian Bt cotton resistence management plans, GENET
  • 2-Plants: South Africa commercialises Monsanto's GE soy seed, GENET
  • 6-Regulation: Scottish National Party Parlamentarian calls for GE trial moratorium, GENET
  • GENET GE free Newsletter 01/12, GENET
  • GENET GE free Newsletter 01/11, GENET
  • CANADA - Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto and Aventis, Iza Kruszewska
  • Genetic food battle may be on U.N. Rio+10 summit table in Jo'burg, Iza Kruszewska
  • 4-Patents: Battles and skirmishes in the biotech patent arena 2001, GENET
  • 9-Misc: Canadian organic farmers sue Monsanto on GM crops, GENET
  • Press release: Pro-biotech lobby tries to discredit North American farmers visiting Bulgaria, Iza Kruszewska
  • North American Farmers tell Poles: Don't give up your hard-won freedom to the biotech corporations, Iza Kruszewska
  • CROATIA: Public Opinion poll - 80% of Croats support draft law banning GMOs, Iza Kruszewska
  • Public debate in the NL, Huib de Vriend
  • Fw: [ag-impact] FW: US TO WARN CHINA ON GMO RULES, Peter Einarsson
  • PHOTOS from Farmers Tour on ANPED website, Iza Kruszewska

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