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9-Misc: Launch of the Syngenta Foundation

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TITLE:  Launch of the Syngenta Foundation
SOURCE: Syngenta Foundation
DATE:   October 12, 2001

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Launch of the Syngenta Foundation

One in every eight people in the world is hungry or suffering from 
malnutrition. Particularly in Africa and South-East Asia, tens of thousands 
of infants and mothes die every year due to iron or vitamin deficiency. In 
addition the world's population is set to increase by 50% to 9 billion 
people during the next 50 years, while during the same period the 
availability of fertile soil and clean water will decline substantially. 
There is an urgent need to ensure that there are adequate quantities of 
food of acceptable quality from local production.

The aim of the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agricuture is to help 
meet this global challenge by channeling resources to promote economically 
sustainable agriculture throughout the world. Our work focuses on 
agricultural research and development for small-scale farmers.


Why a Syngenta Foundation? - Initial Projects
Heinz Imhof, President of the Board of Directors of Syngenta and Syngenta 

How Research & Technology Shape the Future of Global Agriculture
David Evans, Head Research & Technology, Syngenta

Fighting Hunger - Promoting Dialogue
Klaus M. Leisinger, Acting Director of the Syngenta Foundation


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