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6-Regulation: Greenpeace urges Manila to label GMO foods

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TITLE:  Greenpeace urges Manila to label GMO foods
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   October 4, 2001

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Greenpeace urges Manila to label GMO foods

MANILA - Environmental group Greenpeace urged the Philippines yesterday to
impose mandatory labelling on food products containing genetically modified
organisms, saying recent tests showed massive levels of GMOs in several baby
food products sold locally. "The confirmed presence of GMOs in our food supply
without the public's knowledge and consent should be basis enough to jolt our
government authorities into action," Greenpeace said in a statement. "We
need mandatory labelling for products containing GMOs in order to safeguard the
rights and welfare of Filipino consumers."

Greenpeace said recent tests it commissioned showed "widespread presence and
massive use of GMOs" in food products sold in the Philippines, including
several baby food products. The environmental group also warned of threats posed
by genetically altered crops in Southeast Asia. "In the Philippines, ongoing
field trials of genetically modified corn by Monsanto and long term plans
for the commercial planting of GMO crops, including rice, pose a real threat to
the country's environment and rice diversity," it said.

Biotechnology firm Monsanto is conducting field trials of BT corn, which
contains the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) proteins and is resistant to
the Asian corn borer pest, at seven sites in the Philippines. Last month,
activists in the first such attack in Asia, destroyed one Monsanto's
field-testing areas for BT corn in southern Philippines. Agriculture undersecretary
Ernesto Ordones has said the field trials on BT corn were made to determine its
effect on health and the environment.


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