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2-Plants: Aventis and AVEBE start GM potato research in Germany

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TITLE:  Aventis, AVEBE start GM potato research in Germany
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   November 19, 2001

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Aventis, AVEBE start GM potato research in Germany

HAMBURG - Research into the commercial use of genetically-modified potato 
starch has been agreed in Germany by Aventis CropScience in a joint venture 
with Dutch cooperative AVEBE, a spokesman said last week. Aventis 
CropScience is a unit of German-French pharmaceuticals group Aventis . The 
two have set up a joint venture called Solavista GmbH based in Potsdam in 
east Germany, where Aventis CropScience has carried out GM and other 
research into potatoes, Aventis CropScience spokesman Gerhard Waitz said on 

"We have carried out a lot of fundamental research at Potsdam and we have 
made some interesting products," Waitz said. "The aim now is further 
develop these things to find commercial uses in industry and later also 
uses in food in cooperation with our partner, which has great experience in 
the potato starch sector." It is hoped that jointly-developed products will 
be put on the market by the end of this decade, he added.

Potato starch is used in industries including paper production, textiles 
and glues, he said. It is also used in a wide range of processed foods, as 
a thickener in sources and in milk products such as yogurt. AVEBE is an 
internationally-active cooperative of 4,500 farmers and suppliers with 
extensive activities in foods, feeds and starches.


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