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9-Misc: Hangzhou Declaration of IFOAM-ASIA

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TITLE:  Hangzhou Declaration
SOURCE: sent by Biotani PAN Indonesia
DATE:   November 4, 2001

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5th IFOAM-ASIA General Assembly
Hangzhou City, PR China 
4th November 2001

Hangzhou Declaration

For IFOAM-Asia, the past two years have been a period of achievement for 
the organic movement despite the severe scarcity of resources. Regional 
coordination is stronger than ever, the mechanisms for strengthening the 
guarantee and organic quality system is being put in place by the 
continuing work on the standards and training of inspectors and certifiers, 
alternative marketing mechanisms are being erected, and joint education 
programs are being implemented.

But issues continue to face us:

1. Outside the organic movement, the globalization drive has resulted in 
negative impacts on the environment, on the availability of seeds free of 
genetic engineering, and on the rights of Indigenous People. These impacts 
prevent them from access to natural resources, and also affect the self-
sufficiency of farmers and rural people.

2. Inside the organic movement, we are challenged to strengthen our 
regional, suböregional, sectoral and national networks, and to 
institutionalize and systematize the organic guarantee and quality system 
according to standards corresponding with IFOAM Basic Standards and 
incorporating provisions reflecting local conditions. We are likewise faced 
with the question of how to strengthen the hand of farmers in seed control 
and how to increase their share in the fruits of the economy.

3. We as IFOAM-Asia reject patented seed as well as transgenic seeds' 
application in organic agriculture. It rejects any patent on life.

IFOAM-Asia is concerned about the interests of small traditional and 
indigenous farmers and women due to the policies from the trade regimes 
emerging from trade-related intellectual property rights, particularly on 
patenting of life forms.

In this regard, IFOAM-Asia would like to commit itself to protect the 
organic movement. In view of these, we pledge and commit on this 4th day of 
November 2001, in the city of Hangzhou, P.R. China to do the following in 
the next two years:

1. Establish and strengthen the Research Network for Asia.

2. Establish and strengthen the Joint Farmers and Indigenous Peoples 
Working Group to handle the Organic Seed Cooperative Network in Asia.

3. Further strengthen the alternative marketing network and lobby for a 
common stand on standards in Asia.

4. Lobby for securing the interests of small, traditional and indigenous 
farmers and women with different trade regimes and international policy 

Note: It worthy to say, IFOAM Asia has 157 members covers 21 countries in 
Asia. Biotani PAN Indonesia, and Sek. Hari Pangan Sedunia Yogyakarta are 
among the full members.

Riza VT
Biotani PAN Indonesia
Jl. Persada Raya No. 1 Menteng Dalam
Jakarta 12870
Telp& fax: +62-21-8296545


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