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6-Regulation: Mayor declares Waitakere City/New Zealand to be GE-free

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TITLE:  Harvey declares Waitakere City to be GE-Free
SOURCE: Waitakere City, New Zealand, Media Release
DATE:   November 1, 2001

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Harvey declares Waitakere City to be GE-Free

Waitakere City’s Mayor Bob Harvey last night announced that he wants 
Waitakere City to be GE-free. In his first speech to the new Council, Mr 
Harvey compared the move to the stand the Council took on proclaiming 
itself nuclear-free: "Over a decade ago we became nuclear free. We were 
responding to the call from our citizens and from the world to take a stand 
against the threat of terror. Now it’s time to take a stand for the sake of 
our natural heritage and our wellbeing.” The proposal will be debated at 
the Special Council of 14 November, however, Mr Harvey already has the 
informal support of the majority of his Councillors. The Mayor further 
stated that "The nuclear free issue has withstood the test of time. What 
looked extreme ten years ago is now accepted.” Waitakere City’s eco-city 
concept featured strongly in the address, and the Mayor linked what he 
termed "the re-launch of the eco-city” with the GE-free stance, saying "The 
Eco-City is back … Back at the cutting edge. And proud. And soon to be GE 



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