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2-Plants: Members of Canada's largest grain company oppose new GE crops

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TITLE:  Agricore United delegates oppose new GM crops
SOURCE: Reuters, edited and sent by Agnet, Canada
DATE:   November 7, 2001

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Agricore United delegates oppose new GM crops

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan - Delegates at the first annual members meeting of 
Agricore United, Canada's largest grain company, were cited as telling 
their new board on Wednesday that they don't want any more genetically 
modified crops developed without market acceptance. Bill Ridgeway, the 
Manitoba farmer who presented the resolution, was quoted as saying, "We 
don't want to destroy our markets. Let's make sure that we can sell it 
before we grow it. In the movies it works to say, if you build it they'll 
come, but in actual operation I've never seen it happen."

The story explains that the group of farmers and shareholders from the 
Canadian Prairies were meeting face to face for the first time just one 
week after the official merger between United Grain Growers and Agricore Co-
operative that produced Agricore United. The grain merchandiser, seed 
developer and crop input retailer will handle about 12 million tonnes of 
grains and oilseeds or about 40 percent of western Canada's market share.

The story adds that the farmers attending the meeting urged Agricore 
United's board of directors, many of whom are also growers, to lobby for 
more work on an identity preserved system that can effectively segregate GM 
and non-GMO varieties, an initiative that the Canadian Commission has 
already undertaken. The Agricore United delegates' resolution, along with a 
motion to halt plans to create genetically modified wheat, an endeavor that 
has been spearheaded by U.S. biotech giant Monsanto Co. , are non-binding, 
aimed at advising management on future policy direction.


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