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7-Business: Gujarat government cancels license of Bt seed supplier Navbharat Seeds

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TITLE:  Govt cancels license of Bt seed supplier
SOURCE: The Times of India
DATE:   November 8, 2001

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Govt cancels license of Bt seed supplier


GANDHINAGAR: State agriculture minister Purshottam Rupala on Thursday said 
the government has initiated legal action against Navbharat Seeds company 
for allegedly cheating cotton growers by supplying seeds of genetically-
engineered cotton in lieu of hybrid cotton. The state seeds certification 
agency has cancelled the company's license to sell the seeds in Gujarat. 
Talking to reporters, the minister said the state was awaiting instructions 
from the Union government which was seized with this problem. The state 
government has also sealed the godown of the company. The minister said 
though the farmers who cultivated the Bt cotton have confirmed that their 
yield was far better than hybrid cotton, the state would not allow the 
cultivation unless it was approved by the Union agriculture ministry which 
was now conducting scientific study of the adverse effects of the genes of 
Bt cotton. The state government had informed the Centre during last month's 
meeting in New Delhi that Bt cotton was cultivated in four to five 
districts of Maharashtra, he said.



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