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6-Regulation: Slovak cabinet approves draft law on GM food

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TITLE:  Slovak cabinet approves draft law on GM food
SOURCE: BBC Monitoring, UK, text of report in English by Slovak commercial
        news agency SITA web site,
        edited and sent by Agnet, Canada
DATE:   October 31, 2001

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Slovak cabinet approves draft law on GM food

Bratislava, 31 October: According to a draft bill which the cabinet passed 
on Wednesday [31 October], genetically modified food products or food made 
of genetically modified materials will have to be labelled. If passed by 
parliament, the bill will be effective from the beginning of the next year. 
The law on the use of genetic technologies and genetically modified 
organisms is the first of this kind in Slovakia and is necessary for 
harmonizing the Slovak law in this field with the legal norms of the 
European Union.

According to Laszlo Miklos, the environment minister, the law regulates the 
manipulation of such materials in laboratories, greenhouses or breeding 
stations and also handling in a outdoor places, including markets. The law 
does not pertain to human genes or medicaments. As Miklos informed after 
the cabinet session, in Slovakia there are tests under way of genetically 
modified plants, mainly maize.



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