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8-Humans: New email news clippings service from Human Genetics Alert

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TITLE:  New email news clippings service from Human Genetics Alert
SOURCE: Human Genetics Alert, UK,
DATE:   November 2001

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New email news clippings service from Human Genetics Alert

Dear Friend,
Human Genetics Alert (formerly The Campaign Against Human Genetic 
Engineering) is launching a new daily news clippings service covering a 
broad range of topics related to human genetics. The aim of the service is 
to keep you up to date with latest developments in the worldwide human 
genetics debate. Accompanying this email is the first collection of 
articles. Please note that this is not a discussion listserve, simply a 
news feed.

In order to subscribe, send an email to with the word 
"subscribe" in the subject line. We plan to send you two further 
invitations at weekly intervals, just in case you miss this message. After 
that, we‘ll leave you alone.

Some options

Daily or weekly
We will also be sending out a weekly email with just the most important 
articles and some commentary, so if you prefer that option, put the words 
"weekly" in the subject line of your message.

Text or HTML
We have sent you an HTML version of the email. The advantage of the HTML 
version is that you can click on the headlines in the contents list and 
jump straight to the article you want, without scrolling through a lot of 
other material. However if this does not work with your email programme and 
there are unnecessary HTML codes or attachments you don‘t want, you can put 
the word "text" in subject of your reply.

Links to articles that we find on the web will be archived at our website, but bear in mind that these links will often go out of 
date quickly, as news sites take down old material.

We hope you‘ll find the new service useful. Please feel free to send us any 
comments and suggestions, eg. good sites for news on human genetics.

Best wishes

David King

Human Genetics Alert
22-24 Highbury Grove
112 Aberdeen House
London, N5 2EA
TEL: +44 20 7704 6100
FAX: +44 20 7359 8423


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