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9-Misc: Scottish groups against pro-GE propaganda at schools

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TITLE:  Schools Propaganda Campaign
        Email Jack McConnell - GM propaganda in schools
SOURCE: Scottish Genetix Action, UK
DATE:   October 31, 2001

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Schools Propaganda Campaign 
Email Jack McConnell - GM propaganda in schools

A coalition of groups have formed to support demands made by Scottish 
Genetix Action for a halt to be called on the distribution of a Biotech 
industry funded magazine "Your World" Volume 10, Issue 1 on GM crops within 
Scottish schools until a reasonable debate has taken place. The magazine 
itself presents a distorted and unscientific view of the arguments 
surrounding G.M. crops.

Les Webster of the Scottish Beekeepers Association has stated "it is 
improper to distribute any material having a bias to school children.we 
would therefore support action to prevent the distribution." Thus far the 
Scottish Minister for Education, Jack McConnell has been very quiet on the 

The groups supporting Scottish Genetix Action's calls for a reasonable 
debate before the magazine is distributed to our children are wide and 
varied and range from Greenpeace UK, The Henry Doubleday Research 
Association, Scottish Socialist Party, the Scottish Green Party and many 

You can read our reference guide to teachers in reply to the "Your World" 
magazine under our section "Your World or Their World?" <http://>

E-mail Minister for Education Jack McConnell 
<>, and let him know that we want 
our school kids to be given a chance to make up their own minds on the GM 
debate and not be force fed a diet of propaganda from the GM corporations.


Further information on pro-GE propaganda in UK schools:


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