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5-Animals: Dutch company plans to raise GE cows in Canada

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TITLE:  Quebec in talks on farm for genetically modified cows
SOURCE: Reuters, by Julie Remy 
DATE:   December 29, 2000

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Quebec in talks on farm for genetically modified cows

A Netherlands biotech company is in talks with Quebec government's 
investment agency to develop genetically modified cows' milk that could be 
used to treat diseases in humans. Jean-Yves Duthel, vice-president of the 
Societe generale de financement du Quebec (SGF), said his agency has 
started "exclusive" talks with Pharming Group NV to study the feasibility 
of a farm in southeastern Quebec that would raise the genetically modified 

According to the plan, "transgenic" cows raised in Pharming's labs in 
Wisconsin would be transferred to the farm when they reach milking age. The 
milk would then be collected to extract human proteins used in the 
treatment of genetic diseases, blood conditions or infectious diseases. One 
of the proteins, for example, could help the body stop internal or external 
bleeding, an application especially useful in surgery, Pharming spokeswoman 
Tonua Fedusenko said.

Duthel said the Quebec government would be ready to invest a minimum of 
C$10 million in the project. He added that several Montreal companies have 
the expertise needed to develop Pharming's products, he said. "All of this 
is part of the negotiations," he told Reuters.

The results of the talks are not expected to be announced for five or six 
months, Duthel said. Pharming is also in talks with the states of 
Wisconsin, Maryland and Virginia for its transgenic operation.

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