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                                  PART I
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TITLE:  Groups oppose approval of genetically modified wheat
SOURCE: Greenpeace Canada
DATE:   July 31, 2001

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Groups oppose approval of genetically modified wheat

(Winnipeg)ÑA diverse group of organizations has joined forces to oppose the 
introduction of genetically modified (GM) wheat in Canada.

The National Farmers Union (NFU), ManitobaÕs Keystone Agricultural 
Producers (KAP) the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan 
(APAS), the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), the 
Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (SOD), the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), 
Greenpeace Canada, The Council of Canadians, and the Canadian Health 
Coalition want the federal government to halt the approval of genetically 
modified (GM) wheat unless the concerns of farmers, consumers, and buyers 
of Canadian wheat are addressed.

"It is perhaps surprising that such a diverse group would work together 
like this," said spokesperson Stewart Wells. "But we are here today because 
we all have one thing in common - we all have concerns regarding the 
introduction of genetically modified wheat." The group has submitted a 
letter detailing its concerns to Prime Minister Jean ChrŽtien (See 
attachment). The document is fully supported by more than 210 industry 
associations, local governments, and citizen groups across Canada. It has 
also drawn the support of more than 50 Canadian experts and researchers and 
60 international organizations.

Wells said farmers are concerned about agronomic impacts and market loss, 
while consumers have raised food safety, environmental damage and 
regulatory adequacy as issues. He said it is time that Ottawa took note.

"The Government of Canada must listen to the concerns of its citizens and 
act in the best economic interests of farmers," said Wells. "It must halt 
the approval of genetically modified wheat."

                                  PART II
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TITLE:  Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada
SOURCE: Greenpeace Canada
DATE:   July 31, 2001

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The Right Honourable
Jean ChrŽtien
Prime Minister of Canada
Langevin Block
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ont. K1A 0A2

Minister of Health
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board
Minister of the Environment
Minister of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade Minister of Industry
Canadian Premiers

Dear Prime Minister ChrŽtien:

Genetically-modified (GM) wheat raises concerns in many sectors, both 
domestically and abroad. Farmers and grain industry participants are 
concerned about market loss and risks to Canada's distinguished reputation 
for quality wheat varieties. In addition, farmers are concerned about 
agronomic impacts. Consumers are concerned about food safety and regulatory 
adequacy. Citizens are concerned about environmental damage. Organic 
farmers are concerned about negative effects on Canada's successful organic 
sector. Not every organization or individual that has signed this letter 
shares every one of these concerns. However, for one or more of the 
preceding reasons we, the undersigned, oppose, until these concerns are 
dealt with, the introduction of GM wheat into the Canadian food supply and 
seed supply.

Overwhelming numbers of Canadian farmers and consumers, as well as 
customers for Canadian wheat overseas, have said that they do not want GM 
wheat at this time. We hope the Canadian government will act 
democratically, heed the wishes of its citizens, and act in the best 
economic interests of farmers.

We represent diverse constituencies and interests, but we are unified in 
asking that you act immediately to prevent the introduction of GM wheat 
into Canadian food and fields unless the concerns of Canadian farmers, 
industry, and consumers are addressed adequately.


Canadian Organizations [223]

- Action RŽseau Consommateur
- Agricultural Producers of Saskatchewan
- Alberta Organic Association
- Amies de la Terre de l'Estrie
- Amies de la Terre de QuŽbec
- Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network
- Atlantic Council for International Cooperation / Conseil atlantique pour 
la coopŽration internationale
- Back To The Farm Research Foundation (Davidson, SK)
- BC Food Systems Network
- Bert Riggall Environmental Foundation
- Biotech Action MontrŽal
- Blue-Green Society
- Bringing Youth Toward Equality Society (Yukon)
- Burke Mountain Naturalists
- Canadian Alert on Genetic Engineering
- Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
- Canadian Auto Workers Windsor Regional Environment Council
- Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (national)
- Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (Saskatoon/Saskatchewan)
- Canadian Centre for Sustainable Agriculture 
- Canadian Environmental Law Association 
- Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions
- Canadian Federation of Students, Sask. Component
- Canadian Health Coalition
- Canadian Health Food Association
- Canadian Institute For Environmental Law And Policy
- Canadian Labour Congress
- Canadian Organic Certification Co-operative 
- Canadian Organic Growers
- Canadian Wheat Board
- Caretakers of the Environment
- Cawston Cold Storage Ltd. (Cawston, BC)
- Centre d'Žcologie urbaine de MontrŽal / Urban Ecology Centre of Montreal
- Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia
- Citizen Environment Alliance
- Citizens Advocating Public Health and Environmental Responsibiltiy
- Clearinghouse Group
- ComitŽ Environnement Syndicat Cols-Bleus de MontrŽal
- Community Choices Consulting (Saskatoon, SK)
- Community First Development Fund of Saskatoon
- Conservation Council of New Brunswick 
- Conserver Society of Hamilton & District
- Council of Canadians
- Crowsnest Environmental Action Society
- Cultivated Forest Cooperative of Denman Island 
- CUPE Local 2419: University of Regina Academic Teaching Assistants
- DisAbled Women's Network Ontario
- Disgruntled Youth (NB)
- Earth Action
- East Kings Community Health Assn. (Wolfville, NS) 
- Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario
- Ecology Action Centre
- Enviro-Clare
- Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island
- Environmental Law Centre
- ƒquiterre
- Estrie contre l'Irradiation
- Falls Brook Centre (NB)
- Farm Folk / City Folk Society (BC)
- First Nations Environmental Network
- Fondation Convergence - MontrŽal
- Food Action Ottawa
- Food First of Northern BC
- FoodAlert
- FoodShare Toronto
- Ford Alward Naturalist Association (NB)
- FŽdŽration d'agriculture biologique du QuŽbec / Organic Agriculture 
Federation of Quebec
- FŽdŽration des ACEF du QuŽbec
- GE Alert
- Gene Action Toronto
- Georgia Strait Alliance
- Grace-Westminster United Church Outreach Committee (Saskatoon, SK)
- Great Lakes United / Union Saint-Laurent, Grands Lacs
- Green Campus Society
- Greenpeace Canada
- Groupe de recherche appliquŽe en macroŽcologie 
- Growers International Organic Sales Inc.
- Guideposts for a Sustainable Future
- Hamilton Naturalists' Club
- Health Action Network Society
- Herle Grain Company
- Hog Watch Manitoba
- Hospital Employees' Union
- Inter Pares
- Island Residents Against Toxic Environments
- Keystone Agricultural Producers
- Labour Environmental Alliance
- L'ACEF de l'Outaouais
- MacKillop Centre for Social Justice
- Maritime Certified Organic Growers Grain Project
- Marysburg Organic Producers
- Mouvement Au Courant
- Nanny Goat Hill Community Garden
- National Farmers Union
- National Union of Public and General Employees
- Nature Saskatchewan
- New Brunswick Partners In Agriculture
- New Brunswick Union of Nurses
- Northwest Saskatchewan Organic Producers (OCIA #2)
- Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group 
- Ontario Natural Food Co-op
- Organic Crop Improvement Association Alberta Chapter #1
- Organic Crop Improvement Association Marysburg, Sask. Chapter #5 
- Organic Crop Improvement Association New Brunswick
- Organic Crop Improvement Association QuŽbec
- Organic Crop Improvement Association Sask. Chapter #3
- Organic Crop Improvement Association South West Sask. Chapter #8
- Organic Producers Association of Manitoba
- Oxfam Canada
- PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada
- PEI Health Coalition
- PEI Mobilization for Global Justice
- Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development 
- Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics
- Poetical Asylum
- Polaris Institute
- Resource Efficient Agricultural Production
- Roseisle Creek Watershed Association (Roseisle, MB)
- RŽseau QuŽbecois contre les OGM
- RŽseau QuŽbecois des Groupes ƒcologistes
- Rural Advancement Foundation International, Canada
- Saint John Mobilization for Global Justice
- Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
- Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Environment Committee
- Saskatchewan Organic Certification Association 
- Saskatchewan Organic Directorate
- Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association
- Saskatchewan Union of Nurses
- Sierra Club of Canada
- Sierra Youth Coalition - Northern Chapter
- Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (BC)
- Steelworkers Humanity Fund
- STU/UNB Student Environmental Society
- Syndicat des Producteurs de Grains Biologiques du QuŽbec
- Syndicat des Producteurs de Lait Biologique du QuŽbec
- Syndicat des Producteurs de Viandes Biologiques du QuŽbec
- Tantramar Environmental Alliance (NB)
- The Big Carrot Natural Food Market
- The Gaia Group (Regina, SK)
- The Ram's Horn
- The Wild Circle
- Toronto Catholic Worker
- Toronto Mobilization for Global Justice
- Tusket River Environmental Protection Association (NS)
- Unibroue inc. Brasserie / Unibroue Inc. Brewery
- Wolfville Democracy in Action
- Youth For Environmental Action
- Zoocheck Canada
- Rural Municipality # 3: Enniskillen, SK
- Rural Municipality # 4: Coalfields, SK
- Rural Municipality # 18: Lone Tree, SK
- Rural Municipality # 19: Frontier, SK
- Rural Municipality # 31: Storthoaks, SK
- Rural Municipality # 32: Reciprocity, SK
- Rural Municipality # 40: Bengough, SK
- Rural Municipality # 42: Willow Bunch, SK
- Rural Municipality # 43: Old Post, SK
- Rural Municipality # 44: Waverley, SK
- Rural Municipality # 49: White Valley, SK
- Rural Municipality # 61: Antler, SK
- Rural Municipality # 73: Stonehenge, SK
- Rural Municipality # 76: Auvergne, SK
- Rural Municipality # 77: Wise Creek, SK
- Rural Municipality # 78: Grassy Creek, SK
- Rural Municipality # 79: Arlington, SK
- Rural Municipality # 94: Hazelwood, SK
- Rural Municipality # 104: Gravelbourg, SK
- Rural Municipality # 105: Glen Bain, SK
- Rural Municipality # 107: Lac Pelletier, SK
- Rural Municipality # 109: Carmichael, SK
- Rural Municipality # 110: Piapot, SK
- Rural Municipality # 121: Moosomin, SK
- Rural Municipality # 122: Martin, SK
- Rural Municipality # 124: Kingsley, SK
- Rural Municipality # 136: Coulee, SK
- Rural Municipality # 142: Enterprise, SK
- Rural Municipality # 153: Willowdale, SK
- Rural Municipality # 154: Elcapo, SK
- Rural Municipality # 160: Pense, SK
- Rural Municipality # 162: Caron, SK
- Rural Municipality # 184: Grayson, SK
- Rural Municipality # 187: North Qu'appelle, SK
- Rural Municipality # 191: Marquis, SK
- Rural Municipality # 221: Sarnia, SK
- Rural Municipality # 226: Victory, SK
- Rural Municipality # 228: Lacadena, SK
- Rural Municipality # 230: Clinworth, SK
- Rural Municipality # 245: Garry, SK
- Rural Municipality # 248: Touchwood, SK
- Rural Municipality # 251: Big Arm, SK
- Rural Municipality # 254: Loreburn, SK
- Rural Municipality # 256: King George, SK
- Rural Municipality # 261: Chesterfield, SK
- Rural Municipality # 280: Wreford, SK 
- Rural Municipality # 283: Rosedale, SK
- Rural Municipality # 284: Rudy, SK
- Rural Municipality # 286: Milden, SK
- Rural Municipality # 305: Invermay, SK
- Rural Municipality # 309: Prairie Rose, SK
- Rural Municipality # 314: Dundurn, SK
- Rural Municipality # 334: Preeceville, SK
- Rural Municipality # 335: Hazel Dell, SK
- Rural Municipality # 337: Lakeview, SK
- Rural Municipality # 338: Lakeside, SK
- Rural Municipality # 340: Wolverine, SK
- Rural Municipality # 342: Colonsay, SK
- Rural Municipality # 345: Vanscoy, SK
- Rural Municipality # 347: Biggar, SK
- Rural Municipality # 367: Ponass Lake, SK
- Rural Municipality # 372: Grant, SK
- Rural Municipality # 373: Aberdeen, SK 
- Rural Municipality # 376: Eagle Creek, SK
- Rural Municipality # 382: Eye Hill, SK
- Rural Municipality # 399: Lake Lenore, SK
- Rural Municipality # 402: Fish Creek, SK
- Rural Municipality # 409: Buffalo, SK
- Rural Municipality # 429: Flett's Springs, SK
- Rural Municipality # 460: Birch Hills, SK
- Rural Municipality # 471: Eldon, SK
- Rural Municipality # 472: Wilton, SK
- Rural Municipality # 497: Medstead, SK
- Rural Municipality # 499: Mervin, SK
- Rural Municipality # 501: Frenchman Butte, SK

Canadian Individuals [53]

- Adolf Andres, P.Eng. (Selkirk, MB)
- Alfred Rogosin, retired Assoc. Prof. Botany, Brandon University
- Andrew B. Cooper, M.D. (Toronto, ON)
- Anne Oaks, Ph.D. F.R.S.C., Prof. Emeritus, Biology, McMaster University
- Belinda Wheatley, Nutritionist and Home Economist (Coquitlam, BC)
- Bernard Hayes, B.V.Sc. (Furdale, SK)
- Bert R. Christie, Ph.D., P.Ag., retired Research Scientist 
(Charlottetown, PEI)
- Brenda Frick, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., P.Ag.
- Charles-Eugne Bergeron, Technologiste agricole (Scotstown, QuŽbec)
- David Beaudin, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.
- David Peacock, B.Comm., M. Divinity (Saskatoon, SK)
- Dennis R. McCalla, Ph.D. (Biochemistry and Genetics), Prof. Emeritus, 
McMaster University
- Dr. Barbara Krasovec, M.D. (Hepworth, ON)
- Dr. David Punter, Head, Department of Botany, University of Manitoba
- Dr. Joseph Roberts, Prof. Emeritus, Political Science, University of 
- Dr. Joyce Green, Assoc. Prof., Political Science, University of Regina
- Dr. Peter Chidiac, Ph.D., Asst. Prof., Department of Pharmacology and 
Toxicology, University of Western Ontario
- Dr. Ricardo Grinspun, Department of Economics, York University
- Dr. Roger Epp, Chair, Division of History, Sociology & Political Studies, 
Augustana University College (Camrose, Alberta)
- Elizabet K. Dwwyor, Dipl. Ing. Agr. (B.Sc. Agronomy), M.Sc. (Soil 
Science), P.Ag.
- Eric Cleveland, M.D., F.R.C.P. (NS)
- Hugh Lehman, Prof. Emeritus, University of Guelph
- Jack Coggins, Ph.D. (Saskatoon, SK)
- James Gomes, M.Sc., Ph.D., Centre for Agricultural Medicine, University 
of Saskatchewan
- Jim Wolford, M.Sc. (Biology)
- John Henning, Assoc. Prof. & Chair, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, 
Graduate Program Director, McGill University
- Josef K. Schmutz, Ph.D., Conservation Planner, Important Bird Areas 
Program, Nature Saskatchewan, University of Saskatchewan
- Kara Vlasman, M.Sc., Communications Coordinator, Canadian Cooperative 
Wildlife Health Centre, University of Guelph
- Laure Waridel, researcher at the Eco_Research Chair on Environmental Law 
and Policy/POLIS at the University of Victoria
- Leda Raptis, Ph.D., Prof., Department of Microbiology and Immunology, 
Queen's University (Kingston, ON)
- Marie Farrell, N.C. (Nutritional Consultant), CRA Practitioner
- Mary A. Beckie, Ph.D. (Organic Agriculture: Research & Extension)
- Melva Armstrong, Publisher/Editor WHOLifE Journal
- Michle Lefebvre_Dufresne, diŽtŽtiste_nutritionniste
- Nettie Wiebe, Ph.D., North America/Mexico Coordinator of the Via 
Campesina, Former President of the NFU
- P. Tippett, M.D. (Saint John, NB) 
- P. Wolf, President, Sustainable Development International Ltd. (Regina, 
- Patricia Sky, B.A. Biology, Native Plant Specialist
- Penny Lloyd, UVic Sustainability Project Coordinator 
- Prof. Joe Cummins, Prof. Emeritus Genetics, University of Western Ontario
- R.M. Beames, Ph.D., P.Ag., Professor Emertitus, UBC
- Ralph C. Martin, Ph.D., P.Ag., Assoc. Prof., Department of Plant and 
Animal Sciences, Nova Scotia Agricultural College
- Richard C. Bocking, P.Ag., Agricultural Economist
- Robert M. Stirling, Head, Department of Sociology & Social Studies, 
University of Regina
- Ric Kuecks, Biologist (Cobble Hill, BC)
- Rosalind Hobart, B.Sc., Agrologist
- Shelley Coggins, B.Comm., M.A. in Economics (Saskatoon, SK)
- Stuart Lee, M.Sc. (Microbiology and Biochemistry)
- Tim Quigley, Prof., College of Law, University of Saskatchewan
- Warren Bell, B.A. M.D. C.M. C.C.F.P. (Salmon Arm, BC)
- Wayne Roberts, Ph.D., coordinator, Toronto Food Policy Council
- Wendy R Holm, P.Ag., Agrologist
- William E. Rees, Ph.D., Professor, UBC School of Community and Regional 

- International Organizations [61]

- Acci—n por la Biodiversidad (Argentina)
- Agricultural Missions Inc. (New York, NY)
- Alternative Energy Resources Organization (Helena, MT)
- Andhra Pradesh Coalition in Defence of Diversity
- ANPED, The Northern Alliance for Sustainability (Amsterdam, The 
- Biowatch South Africa
- CECU, Confederation of Consumers and Users (Spain)
- Clean Water Action (Boston, MA)
- Confederaci—n Sindical de Comisiones Obreras (Spain)
- Conseil Scientifique du ComitŽ de Recherche et d'Information 
IndŽpendantes sur le GŽnie GŽnŽtique, Laboratoire de
- Biochimie et Biologie Moleculaire, UniversitŽ de Caen (France)
- Coordination Rurale (France)
- Debio (Norwegian organic certification organization)
- Deccan Development Society (India)
- Demeter Association Inc. (Aurora, NY)
- Diverse Women for Diversity (India)
- East Africa Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment
- Elte Nature Conservation Club (Budapest, Hungary)
- Environs Kimberley (Broome, Western Australia)
- Equal Exchange Trading Ltd. (UK)
- Eurotexte Communications (France)
- Eyre Peninsula G.M. Task force (Australia)
- Forest Guardians (Santa Fe, NM)
- Friends of the Earth (Cyprus)
- GE Free Bathurst (Australia)
- GE Free New Zealand in Food and Environment
- Globalization Stakeholders Network
- Greenpeace USA
- Grupo de Tecnologia Alternativa (MŽxico)
- Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (Minneapolis, MN)
- Institute for Higher Studies (California)
- Instituto Sindical de Trabajo, Ambiente y Salud (Spain)
- Kalpavriksh "Environmental Action Group" (India)
- Kettle Range Conservation Group (Republic, WA)
- Laboratoire d'Ecophysiologie VŽgŽtale de l'UniversitŽ de Saint_Etienne 
- Mangrove Action Project
- Nelson GE Awareness Group (New Zealand)
- Netv¾rk Mariager Fjord (Denmark)
- Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (Portland, OR)
- Ohio Fair Trade Campaign
- Organic Consumers Association (Little Marais, MN)
- Park Slope Food Coop (Brooklyn, NY)
- Pesticide Action Network, Asia and the Pacific (Penang, Malaysia)
- Red Interamericana de Agriculturas y Democracia (Ecuador)
- Rochester Food Not Bombs (Rochester, NY)
- Roots for Equity (Pakistan)
- Safe Food Coalition (South Africa)
- Safe Foods Campaign (Boston, MA)
- Science and Environmental Health Network (Ames, IA)
- Sociedad Espa–ola de Agricultura Ecol—gica (Spain)
- Soil Association (UK)
- South African Freeze Alliance on Genetic Engineering
- South Asian Network for Food, Ecology and Culture
- South Australian Genetic Food Information Network
- The Danish Association for Sustainable Communities (Denmark)
- The Edmonds Institute (Edmonds, WA)
- Uganda Biodiversity Network
- Uganda Consumers Protection Association
- Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary Movement (New York, NY)
- Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment (Ireland)
- Warburton's Bakeries (London, UK)
- Youth Development Africa


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