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  • STILL NOT TRUE: Press: Dutch opposition/patents directive, Thomas Schweiger
  • US corn growers against GMos visit Europe, Coordination Paysanne Européenne
  • 4-Patents: TRIPS Council agenda: "Review of the provisions of the Article 27.3(b)", GENETNL
  • 6-Regulation: Scottish court halted GE crop moratorium, GENETNL
  • 2-Plants: GE canola genotype can be modified by pathogen invasion, GENETNL
  • 2-Plants: Scientific model shows decrease of bird biodiversity in HT crops, GENETNL
  • 2-Plants: GE industry responses on Science HT crop/biodiversity study, GENETNL
  • 6-Regulation: Council of Cleveland, USA, urged government to label GE food, GENETNL
  • 3-Food: Suburb of Sydney launches GE free campaign, GENETNL
  • Leaked Monsanto Report, Gill Lacroix
  • US dumps GMOs as food aid, Gill Lacroix
  • 8-Misc: International Society for Biosafety Research founded, GENETNL
  • 8-Misc: ISIS report on Rice Forum in Thailand, GENETNL
  • 8-Misc: Long March for biodiversity in Thailand, GENETNL
  • 2-Plants: Australia approves three GE potatoes for sale as food, GENETNL
  • 2-Plants: Workshop on ecological monitoring of GM crops, GENETNL
  • 6-Regulation: The Precautionary Principle: Legal doctrine or Rorschach inkblot test?, GENETNL
  • Fwd: Press Release: EU Parliament against human cloning, Stephen Emmott
  • 8-Misc. Gangs against Modern Agriculture, Huib de Vriend
  • Patents: Belgian Government Public Consultation, Stephen Emmott
  • GENET takes a break, GENETNL
  • Plants: Controversies and knowledge gaps, Huib de Vriend
  • Food: Kraft recalls contaminated Taco Shells, Huib de Vriend
  • [BIO-IPR] Update on the EU patenting directive, GRAIN Los Banos
  • Xenotransplantation - Daily Express UK (fwd), Marion Selig

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