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8-Misc. Gangs against Modern Agriculture

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Well....... Judge for your self.

Sept. 2000
Farm Journal
Patricia Peak Klintberg.
A growing gang of environmental organizations is, according to this story,
targeting modern agricultural practices for eradication. Funded with
tax-free dollars, establishment environmental groups are nurturing activist
offspring to influence the international policy agenda.
The most radical activists are taking their fight to the streets of the
worldıs cities and disrupting gatherings like the World Trade Organization
(WTO) meeting in Seattle last year. These activists are against
biotechnology and large-scale animal feeding systems. Some are, the story
says, even opposed to capitalism and trade.
The story explains that driving the movement are philanthropic foundations
funding nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations<also known as NGOs<with
tax-exempt status under section 501 İ (3) of the Internal Revenue Service
(IRS) code. The Internet and e-mail are valuable communication tools for
these groups, expanding the reach of many of the smaller organizations while
reducing organizing costs.
And it says that many of the organizations out to kill modern farming
practices are taking advantage of United Nations (UN) structures to
influence global food and environmental policies. The UN has increasingly
become the venue for hammering out international rules<ranging from biotech
trade to reducing global warming<that have a direct impact on U.S. farmers
and ranchers.
"Consultative status" allows representatives of the groups to attend any UN
meetings that are open to the press. The UN also has a trust fund to help
NGO members from the developing world defray travel costs to attend its
Since 1996, the UN has granted consultative status to 1,600 NGOs, including
Greenpeace International, Friends of the Earth, the Sierra Club, Natural
Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense.
The story goes on to say that most ag groups also do not have the financial
advantage of tax-exempt status, or the ranks of true believers willing to
mount counter protests. "It is overwhelming," says Rosemarie Watkins of the
American Farm Bureau Federation. "Environmentalists have thought, they have
planned and they have moved into international forums while we stayed
focused on domestic policy."

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