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Fwd: Press Release: EU Parliament against human cloning

The text as adopted and our press release are attached. 

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Strasbourg, 7 September 2000

Human Cloning Controversy

Greens/EFA Hail Victory for Common Sense

The Greens in the European Parliament welcomed the decision taken today by the European Parliament to oppose strongly the relaxation of the ban on human cloning for so-called "therapeutic" cloning purposes, using cell nuclear replacement techniques (essentially the same production method as for Dolly the sheep). The Parliament voted by a small majority in favour of a joint text, drafted by the Greens, EPP, UEN and EDD political groups, which warned that an easing of the present ban would lead to pressure for further developments in embryo production and usage. 

Speaking after the vote, Paul Lannoye MEP (Belgium), Group President, commented "This is a victory for common sense and will ensure that those, such as the British government, who want to put human cloning developments on the fast-track, will have to think again. They will now risk losing access to EU research funds if they still decide to go ahead with this technology. The European Parliament has made it clear that there is in practice no distinction of principle between "therapeutic" and "reproductive" cloning-they are merely different uses of the same process."

Hiltrud Breyer MEP (Germany) said "Today we have succeeded in drawing a line which should not be crossed. Parliament has affirmed that the creation of human embryos soley for research purposes is contrary to public policy. . The draft EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the EU biotechnology patent Directive now both need to be amended to reflect this position We must also now lead the way in international fora, notably the United Nations, to ensure an international commitment to respect the same research boundaries."

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