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6-Regulation: Council of Cleveland, USA, urged government to label GE food

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TITLE:  Now it's Cleveland...
SOURCE: Cropchoice News, USA,
DATE:   August 31, 2000

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Now it's Cleveland... 

Cropchoice News -- American city councils are getting downright 
ornery on biotech. First it was George Bush's town of Austin, Texas 
calling for GMO labels. And there was Cargill's home turf, 
Minneapolis, Minnesota, which recently did the same. Not to be 
outdone, Boulder, Colorado just banned GMOs from 15,000 acres of city-
owned farmland. Now, Cropchoice has been sent a copy of a GMO 
labeling resolution recently passed by the city council in Cleveland, 

Except for the Boulder action, the new resolutions don't have any 
legal teeth - they‘re just political documents. But they are a pretty 
good urban barometer on GMOs. The most unexpected aspect of them may 
be the geography. You might have expected these resolutions coming 
from San Francisco or New England; but instead they‘re from cities in 
middle of America.

To get a taste, we‚ve reprinted a copy of Cleveland City Council 
resolution 1432-2000 below, passed by council on August 7th and 
signed into law by the Mayor on the 17th.


RESOLUTION NO. 1432-2000

An Emergency Resolution

Urging the federal government to require labeling of genetically 
manipulated foods and further urging a moratorium on the production 
of such foods until acceptable testing systems are in place.

By: Councilmember Brady

WHEREAS, genetically engineered foods have not yet been proven safe 
and are not tested by any federal agency; and

WHEREAS, the Food and Drug Administration requires only that 
companies producing such genetically engineered foods state, on the 
"honor system", that such foods are safe with no further testing 
required; and

WHEREAS, a class action lawsuit has been brought against the Food and 
Drug Administration to prevent it from continuing to rush such 
untested foods on the market;

WHEREAS, numerous bioengineers and scientists have stated that the 
technology of genetically engineered foods is clearly different from 
traditional methods and could lead to a host of undesirable health 
and environmental problems; and

WHEREAS, such technology further has potential negative effects in 
genetic cross-pollination of beneficial plants, insects and other 
fragile ecosystems;

WHEREAS, this resolution constitutes an emergency measure for the 
immediate preservation of public peace, property, health or safety in 
that it is essential that the public know and understand how the 
foods it purchases are being produced and the possible health and 
environmental risks of such production, now, therefore,


Section 1.

That this Council urges the federal government to require labeling of 
genetically manipulated foods and further urges a moratorium on the 
production of such genetically manipulated foods until acceptable 
testing systems are in place.

Section 2.

That this resolution is hereby declared to be an emergency measure 
and, provided it receives the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all 
the members elected to Council, it shall take effect and be in force 
immediately upon its adoption and approval by the Mayor; otherwise it 
shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period 
allowed by law.



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