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3-Food: Suburb of Sydney launches GE free campaign

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TITLE:  Bondi launches GE free campaign
SOURCE: AAP, Australia, edited and sent by Agnet, Canada
DATE:   August 27, 2000

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Bondi launches GE free campaign

Sydney’s famous Bondi suburb is, according to this story, using its 
high profile to highlight concerns over genetically engineered food. 
The story says that a coalition of environment and ethics groups 
today launched the "GE Free Bondi" campaign in a bid to encourage 
local businesses to identify GE-free food on their menus.

Waverley Council Mayor Paul Pearce was cited as saying the campaign 
aimed to help consumers eliminate GE food from their diet, adding, 
"The recent introduction of the GE labeling requirements makes it 
possible for food shoppers to see readily what packaged foods contain 
GE ingredients. However, fresh food shops do not have to be labeled 
and we are encouraging shop owners to indicate what is GE free."

Mr Pearce was cited as saying that several restaurants and shops in 
Bondi were already displaying "Eat GE-Free, Bondi 2000" signs and 
that people buying take away or eating in restaurants had more 
difficulty establishing whether the food they were about to eat was 
GE-free. "For example cottonseed oil from GE cotton is being used for 
frying in many fast food stores. The introduction of labeling is 
going to make it easier for restaurants to tell customers whether or 
not their food is GE Free." 


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