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6-Regulation: Scottish court halted GE crop moratorium

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TITLE:  Council set to maintain opposition to GN crop trials
SOURCE: The Highland Council, UK
DATE:   August 29, 2000

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Council set to maintain opposition to GN crop trials

The Convener of The Highland Council David Green has expressed his 
extreme disappointment at the councilās failure in the Court of 
Session to halt the planting of genetically modified crops in the 
Black Isle. He said: "I thought we had a very strong argument and 
have no regrets at taking this important matter into court. We have 
succeeded in raising the profile of this important issue and the 
public can be assured we will not let the matter rest here. "

"While the scope for further legal action is limited, we will pursue 
this at a political level. I have asked for a meeting with Scottish 
Executive Rural Affairs Minister Ross Finnie to highlight the 
concerns of the community at the lack of consultation and the lack of 
transparency over these tests. People have very real fears over the 
planting of these GM crops. It is a fear of the unknown. In the 
absence of an informed debate, it is understandable that the 
perception of many people is that these crops pose a threat to the 
environment and the quality image of our produce."

Councillor Margaret Paterson, Chairman of the Council's Ross and 
Cromarty Area Committee, said: "Lord Hardie's decision is deeply 
disappointing. All I can do now is urge the farmer, Jamie Grant, to 
heed the views of the council and the many local people who have 
expressed their concern about the trials, and abandon his plans."



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