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The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations has decided greater co-ordination is needed to respond to a deluge of new European Union initiatives on biotechnology. It is setting up a new group to deal with them, described as "a multidisciplinary centre of expertise where aspects related to new technologies are being discussed and industry positions developed". The group would also serve as the industry's main vehicle for contacts on biotechnology with EU and international institutions, academia, and medical and patient communities.
This initiative runs parallel to the formation of the EFPIA's Emerging Biopharmaceutical Enterprises grouping, which is now on the brink of moving into an operational phase. Anne Papin, manager of the project, told European Report that more than 20 biopharmaceutical companies had now indicated a firm interest in joining the new grouping - including Serono, Baxer, British Biotech, American Home Products, Biogen, Centecor, Genzyme, Schering and Schering-Plough. The aim is to present a common front at European level in discussions of regulation affecting the development of medicines derived from biotechnology. The group is intended to offer joint services particularly to smaller biotechnology firms with limited resources in regulatory and political affairs.
This new grouping was due to hold its constituent meeting in Brussels on November 24. Already, a draft work programme suggests a focus on three areas: how to speed new biotechnology-derived medicines to the market (such as through fast track registration or simpler clinical trials authorisation); how to give incentives to innovation (including price liberalisation and intellectual property questions); and how to help boost public acceptance of biotechnology products.

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