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Demonstration in Munich at the EPC Revision Conference

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Dear friends
The Italian Greens were in Munich, protesting at the European Patent Office
during the Dipolmatic Conference, and supported by Australian and Bavarian
Greens. A big thank you  to Fabrizia Pratesi who organized all and wrote
this report!

>>On november 21st, one day after the official opening of the Diplomatic
>Conference of the European Patent Office, announced 7 months ago for the
>revision of the EPC, European Patent Convention, the Italian Greens, with
>the support of the Austrian and the Bavarian Greens, have organized a
>day-long demonstration in Munich, in front of the EPO building, with a 3
>meter statue of a man-pig chimera and a large number of demonstrators most
>of which were wearing pig masks.
>The demonstration, where 50 people coming expressly from Italy have taken
>part, was meant to tell the world that Patens on life must not be allowed
>and WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in Europe.
>At 11:30 a.m. a press conference was released in the Town Hall, where all
>representatives of the Greens, including Grazia Francescato, president of
>the Italian Greens, have taken part, to explain the Green Parties'
>opposition to the patenting of plants, animals and parts of the human body,
>their opposition to the illegal action undertaken on june 16th, 1999, by the
>Administrative Council of the EPO, which allowed itself to release these
>patents (starting september 1,1999)in spite of the European Patent
>Convention forbidding it, and their opposition to European Directive 98/44.
>After the press conference, an assault to the EPO conference was made by the
>activists. The President of the Administrative Council (and of the
>Conference as well), agreed to allow a delegation of 4 Green Representatives
>inside for a discussion. The delegation has thus had the opportunity to
>explain the point of view of the Greens and of the NGOs that also were
>there, like the italian CSA (Antivivisection Scientific Committee, which has
>been the leading NGO in Italy against patents on life) and Greenpeace, and
>Genet Network, and to formally ask for the withdrawal of the 16/6/99
>decision of the Administrative Council.  The demonstartion had a good press
>coverage in Italy.
>Italy was also the only country to send the Minister of European Policies at
>the opening of the Conference, on november 20th, to express himself against
>patents on life and in favor of a juridical body to be put up in order to
>control the European Patent Office.
>The Italian Delegation succeeded in having an amendment to the draft
>revision approved, but also promised to work on the withdrawal of the
>16/6/99 EPO decision.

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