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5-Animals: Pig genome consortium formed

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TITLE:  Pig genome consortium formed
SOURCE: AgBiotechNet, UK,
DATE:   November 2000

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Pig genome consortium formed

China and Denmark have formed a consortium to sequence the pig genome. The 
project, which is expected to take several years, is the first to tackle 
livestock. The partners hope that information from the project will benefit 
pig breeding industries in both countries as well as basic science and 

The project will involve the Danish Institute of Animal Sciences, the Royal 
Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL), and representatives from 
Denmark’s pig industry and Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) of the Chinese 
Academy of Sciences (CAS). The BGI Director Yang Huanming was cited as 
saying the partnership was a "perfect match" between China’s powerful 
sequencing capacity and Denmark’s expertise in pig breeding and experience 
in comparative and functional genomics research.

The two countries have agreed to split the $15 million cost of the first 
phase of the project, a 3-year effort to identify valuable genes, develop 
markers for physical and genetic mapping, and provide research tools for 
xenotransplantation. A second phase, taking several more years and costing 
up to $60 million, would aim for a working draft covering 90% of the 
sequence and 95% of the genes. The pig genome is estimated to contain 3 
billion base pairs.

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