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Demonstration at EPO, MunichFrom Fabrizia Pratesi

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Dear friends
Fabrizia Pratesi (Comitato Scientifico Antivivisezionista" < ,
Italy, and new Boardmember GENET) is sending this message - with an appeal
to join them in Munich on Nov. 21, an important event! Thanks, Fabrizia!

Warm regards


 Appeal to all those who battle in favour of the defense of life, the
safeguard of genetic heritage and against the patenting and privatization
of plants, animals and the human body and the spread of GMOs (Genetically
Manipulated Organisms) in the environment.

 November 21st, 2000, starting at 10:00 A.M.: large European demonstration
of Green Parties and Associations in front of the European Patent Office
at: Ehrhardstrasse, 27 - 80298 München (Munich) - Germany.

 As you probably already know, the EPO (European Patent Office) is the
international organization that has stood out the most in the last two
years for the illegal procedures that it has conducted.
 In order to satisfy the pressures exerted by the industrial sector, albeit
without any authority, it has changed or rather distorted - through the
amendments made to the Implementation Regulation - the meaning of the 1973
European Patent Convention, an international treaty that was aimed at
regulating patenting laws in 19 European Countries (the 15 EU-member
nations plus another 4) until the eventual implementation of the new
"Patent Directive" (n.98/44, which has still not been implemented in 12 out
of the 15 member-countries) that it was mandated to enforce.

 This Convention prohibited the patenting of living organisms. Thanks to
the amendments made however, the EPO started to illegally issue patents on
living organisms as of the 1st of September 1999; among these, a patent on
the cloning of human embryo.

 Today, the European Patent Office (EPO), far from wanting to amend its
misconduct - which is all the more unacceptable insofar as Directive 98/44
is now being opposed throughout Europe, especially in respect of the
patentability of parts of the human body and shall consequently undoubtedly
be reviewed - has scheduled a Diplomatic Conference for the Review of the
Convention during which it not only intends to ratify what it has already
done in violation of the law but also to extend the powers of its Board of
Directors with the aim of amending the Convention at will and at any point
in time, without having to refer it to the vote of the Member Countries.

 We, the citizens of democratic Countries which, through centuries of
extenuating battles and the sacrifice of the lives of past generations,
have conquered social progress and democratic institutions, refuse to
accept that the power to decide on the most basic of human rights ñ such as
the to right to health care and to live in a healthy environment as well as
the right to safeguard our Human Genome and the genetic make-up of all
wildlife which constitute the common heritage of Humankind ñ be delegated
to non-elected bodies without any democratic scrutiny and that are driven
by the interests of privately owned corporations.

 The Munich demonstration of Tuesday, 21st of November that will take place
>from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. shall be attended by numerous NGOs (Non
Governmental Organizations) from all over Europe and the leaders of the
Italian, German, Austrian and also perhaps of the French Green Parties
along with eminent representatives of all the European Green Parties and of
the Green Movement at the European Parliament who will be heard during a
press conference. Our special guest at Munich will be the man who was the
first in the world (since the beginning of the '80s in the United States)
to fight against the patentability of living matter, Jeremy Rifkin, a
renowned American economist and philosopher and author of famous books such
as "The Biotech Century" and President of the "Foundation on Economic

 Come join us in Munich to express our rights in the making of decisions on
issues affecting the future of all Humankind and that are beyond the scope
of the political parties of any nation whatsoever and of no matter what

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