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8-Misc: Of Cabbages and Kings - Anti-gentech cartoonbook now on internet

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TITLE:  Of Cabbages and Kings - Anti-gentech cartoonbook now on 
SOURCE: ZHABA, Czech Republic
DATE:   May 4, 2000

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A SEED Europe's Anti-Genetic Engineering Cartoon Book

The Cartoon Book is designed to provide a new campaigning tool for 
European anti-genetic engineering (GE) activists; one in which basic 
information on various aspects of the debate are presented in a new 
manner. The book is comprised of both comicstrips and text chapters.

Inspired by the issues and the implications of GE, artists from many 
different countries have contributed to this book. The comicstrips 
illustrate a wide range, but by no means exhaustive set of topics 
within the GE arena. The Cartoon Book is organised so that each 
comicstrip is opposite a text on the same issue. The texts and 
comicstrips are meant to complement each other, but they also stand 
alone in their own right. Some campaigners might find it useful to 
use the texts as the basis for a series of short brochures on the 
various aspects of genetic engineering. The overall intent is for 
campaigners in any country to be able to translate both the text 
chapters and the comicstrips for use in their own languages.

Main Chapters include: What is Genetic Engineering; The Genetic 
Engineering Industry; Genetic Engineering and the EU; Genetic 
Engineering in the Global Economy; Corporate Control of Seed and 
"Feeding the World;" Genetic Engineering Products; Health, 
Environment, and Ethics; Alternatives to Genetic Engineering; and 
Other Applications of Genetic Engineering. In total, the book 
consists of 92 pages of cartoons and text.

The ZHABA Collective/ASEED-Europe/HUMUSZ


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