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3-Food: UK food sector sets GM-free food standard

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TITLE:  UK food sector sets GM-free food standard
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   March 21, 2000

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UK food sector sets GM-free food standard

LONDON - British food retailers and manufacturers yesterday published 
a joint standard for sourcing non-genetically modified food. A 
document entitled "Technical Standard for Identity-Preserved Systems 
in the Supply of Non-GM products," was launched by the British Retail 
Consortium, which represents supermarkets and the Food and Drink 
Federation which represents the manufacturers.

"Retailers and manufacturers have worked together to produce a 
standard based on current best practice in the sourcing of identity 
preserved, conventional soya and maize," the BRC said in a statement.

The standard includes advice on avoiding contamination of non-
genetically modified soya and maize during transport. It suggests, 
for example, that ships should not carry GM and non-GM material at 
the same time. It advises growers on ensuring that seed is non-GM and 
keeping the two crops seperate.

"The objective is to facilitate the sourcing of conventional 
ingredients, with an acceptable degree of confidence, so that GM 
labelling will not be required on products in which they are 
incorporated," the BRC said.

The two organisations would be asking suppliers to evaluate the 
standard and would be making revisions in the light of practical 
experience later in the year.

The British government on Friday laid out new labelling rules for 
genetically modified foods in line with European Union regulations. 
As of April 10, catering suppliers will be required to label all 
products that contain GM soya and maize. Foods containing additives 
and flavourings from GM sources will also have to be labelled.


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