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6-Genetech §§: China considering GMO labelling bill

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TITLE:  China considering GMO labelling bill
SOURCE:, USA, by Julianne Johnston
DATE:   March 10, 2000

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China considering GMO labelling bill 

While China has shown an interest in the use of genetically modified 
(GM) soybean seed for its own crop, the U.S. ag attache in the 
country says China's legislature is considering a bill to label foods 
that contain GMOs. "The government is under considerable pressure to 
provide protection for domestic producers," said the attache. He 
added that the Chinese health and environmental officials have 
expressed concerns, and are currently working with the U.S. 
government to learn more about U.S. methods for testing and approving 
GMOs. The attache says, however, the country will not likely put 
strict restrictions on GMOs because they might inadvertently hamper 
their own GM crops. The attache said that "a considerable amount of 
GMO cotton is already being produced in China. Cottonseed meal from 
this GMO cotton is routinely used in animal feed. China is also 
reportedly developing genetically modified corn, tomatoes, pimentos 
and other crops."


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