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Title: News from the administrative Council EPO (7 and 8 December 1999)
Source: Official Journal EPO 2/2000
Datum: 13.3.2000

„The President mentioned the new Rules 23b to 23e concerning the 
patentability of biotechnological inventions, which had been inserted into 
the Implementing Regulations to the EPC and had come into effect on 1 
September 1999. As a result of the clarification these had brought, the 
Office had again started processing the applications and oppositions 
involving plants and animals, which had held up for several years."

„The Council unanimously approved the extension of the President’s term of a 
further period of three years, ending on 31 December 2003."

With a view to the revision of the EPC:
„Art. 33 and 35: Enable the Administrative Council to amend the EPC to comply 
with EU legislation and international treaties".

Diplomatic Conference from 20 to 29 November 2000 in Munich, with the option 
of extension and conclusion in the spring of 2001.

Further dates of WIPO:
11.5. -2.6.2000         PLT Diplomatic Conference, Geneva
25.9.-3.10.2000         Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO, Geneva

More information: Ruth Tippe, Kein Patent auf Leben!