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6-Regulation: Australian West Wimmera Shire Council to become GMO free

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TITLE:  West Wimmera Shire Council to become GMO free
SOURCE: ABC, Australia, edited and sent by Agnet, Canada
DATE:   June 12, 2000

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West Wimmera Shire Council to become GMO free

The West Wimmera Shire Council, a Western Victoria shire, has, 
according to this story, made moves to become that State's first 
shire to be fee of Genetically Modified Organisms. The decision 
follows moves by Western Australia and Tasmania to place moratoriums 
on trials of GM crops such as canola. The council says Victoria has 
been dragging its feet on the issue and it was inevitable local 
governments took matters into their own hands.

But councillor, Geoff Karraher, was cited as saying there's too much 
concern over the issue not to take a stance, adding that, "Here in 
the Wimmera we have had two contacts with the staff regarding the 
planting of GMO canola in the area and no one knows where it is, now 
one knows what is going on with it and we don't get any reports about 
it. I would hate to see Australia's clean canola be adulterated by 
GMO and our clients overseas are wanting non genetically modified 
foods, so why should we grow something or contaminate something that 
no one wants." Meanwhile the Victorian Farmers Federation says the 
council has jumped the gun banning GMO's. 


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