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8-Misc: Ukrainian NGOs calling for a national GMO moratium

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TITLE:  NGOs in Ukraine prepared a statement on GE
SOURCE: Green Dossier, Kiev,
DATE:   July 7, 2000

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NGOs in Ukraine prepared a statement on GE

It seems that Ukrainian "green movement" is becoming more and more 
concerned by the issue of uncontrolled spreading of the products of 
genetic engineering. Though out of about 500 environmental Ukrainian 
NGOs there are hardly a dozen, which are running into that issue. But 
a week ago participants of the seminar of the Ukrainian NGOs 
Coalition "AlterEco" agreed on the Green Dossier‘s proposal to sign 
an NGOs‘  Statement on GE addressing Ministries of  Environment, 
Agriculture, Health, Science and the Council of National Security 
with a demand of a national moratorium on commercializing and 
spreading of GMOs in Ukraine.

During Biosafety protocol negotiations in Montreal Ukrainian official 
delegation was one of the "Strong Protocol Supporters", nevertheless 
Ukrainian Ministries still may not come to the common grounds 
concerning when they are able to sign this document. Therefore one of 
the demands in the statement is "an immediate signing of the 
Protocol" and it would better come before the Parliament approves a 
draft law on regulating GE in Ukraine, prepared by the Ministry of 

According to the representatives of the Ministry of Environment this 
document does not provide "environmental risk approach" and as 
lawyers assess will serve the interests of biotech companies if 
approved in this version. Therefore one of the demands in the 
statement is an adoption of a Law regulating biotechnological 
activity that would protect national interests and was based on the 
"precautionary principle". Now there are plans to work out an 
alternative draft law (supposedly, "EcoPravo" network of Ukraine 
would approach this), which will need  the  support  and lobbying of 
other NGOs.

The Statement is soon to be distributed for signing among AlerEco 
members, but others are also welcome to join this action.

Tanya Topchiy,
Green Dossier

Charity Information Center "Green Dossier"

Tel/fax: 380 44 476 8428
POB 201, Kiev-25, Ukraine, 01025


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