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6-Genetech §§: BIOSAFETY - Canadian Health Food Association calls for GE food labelling

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TITLE:  Natural health group brings petition to Ottawa calling
        for labelling of genetically modified food
SOURCE: Canadian Press Newswire
DATE:   January 25, 2000

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Natural health group brings petition to Ottawa calling for
labelling of genetically modified food

OTTAWA (CP) - Natural health-food retailers want the federal
government to force companies to label genetically modified food.
The Canadian Health Food Association, a trade organization,
collected 31,000 signatures of customers at their stores who want
mandatory labelling and brought it to Ottawa on Tuesday to
deliver to the minister of agriculture. About 50 protesters, some
dressed as corn cobs and tomatoes, shouted slogans outside, while
the association called on Ottawa at a news conference to move on
the issue. "We are extremely concerned about genetically modified
organisms (GMOs) and ingredients in our food chain," said
president Donna Herringer.

"There has been no long-term testing to determine the impact of
GMOs on human health and the environment, and no clinical trials
have ever been held to prove that there are no health
consequences. Canadians are being used as a scientific
experiment." The association says it is creating labelling and
signage for all natural health food stores to identify foods that
aren't genetically modified.

Brock Elliott, a health food retailer in Nova Scotia, said he
can't tell the difference between foods that do or don't contain
genetically manipulated ingredients. "To the best of our
knowledge, we do not really know what is on the plate in front of
us, whether it's (genetically modified) or not," he said at the
conference. Along with Greenpeace and the Council of Canadians,
the organization has boycotted the federal committee on voluntary
labelling, saying the best alternative is mandatory labelling.
Later, the group delivered the petition to the office of Lyle
Vanclief, minister of agriculture.


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